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Selling Your Used Car to WeBuyanyCar vs. Apollo in New Jersey

Congratulations on making the exciting decision to sell your old car. It’s always a thrill to make a profitable sale from a vehicle that you no longer want or need – but how do you know that you are really getting the best value? How can you feel confident that you are getting the most “bang for your buck,” especially if you have never sold a car before?

In the effort to get the best deal possible, many people turn to the internet and post listings online. In addition to well-known forums and e-commerce sites like eBay and Craigslist, another popular option is Webuyanycar.com, which describes itself as a “car valuation website” and “car buying service” that offers “fair and transparent car valuations.”

While Webuyanycar.com and similar websites may seem convenient, they can also have some drawbacks. Fortunately, you can avoid these drawbacks by selling your vehicle to a reputable dealership, like the Apollo Auto used car dealership in Sewell, NJ. If you’re thinking about selling your car, truck, van, convertible, sedan, or SUV in New Jersey, keep reading to learn about the perks and advantages of selling your car to a dealership instead of an online service like Webuyanycar.com.

Why Sell Your Used Car to an Auto Dealership Instead of Online?

At first glance, it seems as though selling your car online is the “best” and most modern way to make a transaction. With consumers conducting more and more of their business online, from ordering pizza to paying utility bills and lending money to friends, why should transactions involving vehicles be any different?

In fact, there are several reasons. While internet-based services seem to offer convenience, there can also be drawbacks that outweigh the apparent convenience factor.

To begin with, the process only starts online. If you sell your car through Webuyanycar.com, you will still have to “schedule an appointment online to come by one of our branches” to complete the transaction. At Apollo Auto, we will come straight to your door. That means you save money on gas, stay comfortable on your couch, and still get an incredible deal.

Web-based services can also have some other shortcomings. For example, you won’t receive the same level of personal assistance with the complicated paperwork that accompanies selling your car in New Jersey, which can cause headaches and even legal issues down the line.

Online services are also limited in terms of the options they offer their customers. At Apollo Auto, not only do you have the option of selling or trading in your vehicle – you can also order car parts, get an oil change, or take advantage of our affordable repair services.

And, if you decide you’d like to buy a vehicle after making your sale, we’ll even help you with the financing process to make getting a loan faster and easier. You can use our financing service to almost instantly find out whether you’re pre-qualified for a loan, without having an impact on your credit score! All you have to do is enter some simple information, and our pre-qualifying tool will take care of the rest.

Still have questions or concerns? Our friendly team of car experts and sales staff is here to help. We treat our customers like family, and will take the time to provide a detailed, honest explanation of all the important issues you need to understand as a buyer or seller, like car insurance, auto loans, title transfers, and more. When you’re ready to sell your car (and possibly buy a replacement), make Apollo Auto your one-stop-shop and drive away happy.

Apollo Auto Buys Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs in New Jersey

At Apollo Auto, we make the process of selling your car easy, fast, and downright fun. Most importantly, we also make it financially rewarding. When you sell your car to Apollo Auto, you’ll walk away with a payment in hand – and the peace of mind you got the best deal, thanks to our instant quote tool and competitive offers. Use your earnings to take a vacation, buy that new product you’ve had your eye on, or put it toward a replacement vehicle. The choice is up to you!

Our lot features more than 4,000 vehicles because we buy a huge selection of brands, makes, and models, including foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. No matter what you currently drive, we’d love to take a look and make you an offer. Vehicles we buy include:

  • Used Acura Vehicles
  • Used Chevrolet Vehicles
  • Used Chrysler Vehicles
  • Used Dodge Vehicles
  • Used Ford Vehicles
  • Used Honda Vehicles
  • Used Hyundai Vehicles
  • Used Jeep Vehicles
  • Used Kia Vehicles
  • Used Lexus Vehicles
  • Used Mercury Vehicles
  • Used Mitsubishi Vehicles
  • Used Nissan Vehicles
  • Used Saturn Vehicles
  • Used Subaru Vehicles
  • Used Toyota Vehicles
  • Used Volkswagen Vehicles
  • Used Volvo Vehicles

Ready to make a profitable sale today? Come to our dealership, or we can come to you – whatever you prefer. Conveniently located in Sewell, NJ, we’re just a short distance away from Cherry Hill, Deptford Township, Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, Voorhees Township, Washington Township, and more. To get started, call us today at (856) 347-5091.

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