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At Apollo, we pride ourselves on our service and going a step further for our customers. Part of our commitment to high-quality service includes providing maintenance and repair services you can trust. Whether you come in for a vehicle alignment or another of the services we offer, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by a trained mechanic for any additional mechanical problems or concerns.

To schedule alignment or other maintenance service at Apollo Auto Sale, please call us at 856-881-2869 today. If you still have questions regarding why your vehicle needs alignment service, the problems a misaligned car or truck can have, or what our mechanics look for to diagnose problems with alignment please read on.

Why is Alignment Upkeep Important?

Vehicles need to come in for routine alignment work because, over time, pot holes, bumps on poorly maintained roads, loose gravel, road debris and simple wear and tear can cause the wheels of a vehicle to become misaligned. When a vehicle is no longer properly aligned, many problems can occur. Some problems are merely annoyances that can cost you money and negatively impact comfort. However, other aspects of the problems can become major safety issues.

Problems Caused by Alignment Issues

Aside from the additional stress misaligned wheels can place on your vehicle, there are other issues that can be caused. A common complaint related to unseen alignment issues is when someone hears their vehicle rattling, shimmying, or vibrating without a clear reason why. Other drivers complain that their car or truck is handling sluggishly or that the vehicle is “pulling” and they are having trouble steering the vehicle properly.

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If your vehicle has been rattling, vibrating, or just doesn’t feel “right,” call us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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