Signs your car’s heater core is broken


There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a car with no heat during the winter. Keep your car warm and cozy by bringing it here to Apollo Auto Sales to have its heater core repaired when necessary. Not sure if your heater core is broken? Here are a few signs that you’re in need of a repair to your heater core.

The heater core in your car is traditionally located behind your dashboard. This features functions as part of your car’s cooling system by delivering warm air into the cabin and keeping the windows from fogging with its defroster. Some signs that this component in your car is experiencing problems include:

Windows fogging up. A common and noticeable sign that your heater core is broken is excess condensation suddenly causing fog on your windows. This indicates that you have a leak and coolant vapors are entering the cabin.

Little or no heat. Another obvious sign that you’re experiencing problems with your car’s heater core is that it has stopped producing heat or is producing considerably less than normal. This is usually a sign of a hole allowing the heat to escape before making it to the cabin.

Sweet Smell. If you notice a sweet, humid smell in or around your car, you could be smelling your radiator fluid leaking. This is caused by a hole worn in one of your hoses and there is usually evidence of a leak under your vehicle.

Using more coolant. If you’re using up your coolant more frequently, it could be because of leak. In this instance, it’s possible that the coolant is leaking directly into the cabin, so check the front passenger’s side floor for liquid or moisture.

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