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A vehicle’s title helps you prove that you have ownership over that vehicle. If you happen to lose it or damage it, you may be unable to prove that the vehicle you’re driving is actually yours, which can present a multitude of problems. There are simple steps you can take to replace a lost car title in New Jersey, however. Continue reading for information from New Jersey used car dealership Apollo Preowned Auto about what you’ll need to do to replace your car’s title if you happen to lose it.

How Car Titles Work in New Jersey
Car titles contain information about vehicle ownership, which includes the owner’s name and address, as well as other relevant information. There are a few different types of car titles that vehicle owners may have, depending on the history of the vehicle that they own. Understanding the type of title that your car has will be useful when you buy a car in New Jersey. The following are types of titles that are common for NJ vehicle owners to have:

Standard title – Also known as a clear title or clean title, this title states that the owner has never been involved in an accident and that there are no liens or levies against the car. It confirms that there are no third parties that are interested in possessing the vehicle and that it is in proper working order.
Salvage title – This title lets potential buyers know that it was once involved in a significant accident or collision and that it was declared a total loss. Following the declaration of a total loss, it’s common for insurance companies to sell cars to other entities, which often fix them and resell them to third parties. Vehicles that have been damaged in a flood may also be issued salvage titles.
How to Replace a Car Title in New Jersey
What needs to be done to replace a car title in New Jersey depends on the type of ownership, whether the owner has proof of ownership, whether the car was previously registered, whether the owner is an out-of-state resident, and whether the vehicle is owned by a financial institution. The procedures for replacing the title of a car under various circumstances can be found below:

If you owned, leased, or financed your car – First, you will need to complete the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (Form OS/S-52), which can be found online or at your local motor vehicle agency. You will also need to provide proof of registration of the vehicle (either current or expired), proof of insurance, or a certified registration card. (If neither registration nor proof of insurance is available, you can apply for a registration record; just complete a Vehicle Registration Application Request and either deliver it to a motor vehicle agency or mail it to the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission.) Note that there is a fee of $60 to file this form. If you have leased a car or financed a car, you must provide all of the previously mentioned documents as well as a statement that includes your name, information about the vehicle, and a statement from a representative of the institution that owns or paid for the vehicle.
If you have no proof of ownership of the car and it was not previously registered – Applying for a duplicate title of a car that has no proof of ownership can only be done through the mail. You’ll first need to download a packet titled Duplicate Title Requirements for No Proof of Ownership, complete the forms included in the packet, and mail it to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission offices in Trenton, along with a check or money order for $60.
If you have no proof of ownership and the car was previously registered – If you have no proof of ownership for a vehicle that was previously registered, you can request a duplicate title of the vehicle by first submitting a Vehicle Registration Application Request. After the registration search information has been received from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, you will have to request an application for a duplicate Certificate of Ownership and send it to the Motor Vehicle Commission, along with $60 and two color photographs of both the front and back of the vehicle that you are requesting a duplicate title for.
If you own, leased, or financed your car and are an out-of-state resident – If you are seeking a duplicate copy of your car’s title in New Jersey but are an out-of-state resident, you will have to provide a copy of your registration, a Letter of Certification from the Division of Motor Vehicles, a pencil tracing or photograph of the VIN, a statement from the titled owner that explains why the vehicle is registered and titled in different states, an application for duplicate certification of ownership, a money order or check for $60, and, if applicable, a lien satisfaction letter.
Note that it is possible that your application for a duplicate title for your car may be rejected. Applications that include incomplete forms, lack a necessary lien release letter, do not include payment of the $60 fee, lack a complete Vehicle Identification Number, or are missing other necessary information or documents will not be accepted.

Preowned Car Dealership Serving New Jersey
Don’t waste any time in replacing your car’s title; getting a new one as soon as possible can prevent headaches and other complications. Follow the instructions outlined above to get your car’s title replaced as quickly as possible after you lose it, and feel free to contact used car dealership Apollo Preowned Auto to find out how you can get an affordable, reliable car that suits all of your needs. Call (856) 347-5091 today.

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