Who Has the Best Used Car Warranty in South Jersey?


Some investments require little attention because they don’t have a significant impact on our lives or finances. However, other investments require our undivided attention as they can impact our finances directly. Such is the case of people who decide to buy a vehicle.

Most of the time, a warranty is required to protect such investment. But who in New Jersey has – or can provide – the best warranty for your car? The New Jersey used car dealer experts at Apollo Preowned Auto invite you to keep reading as we discuss this critical question.

What Should the Best Used Car Warranty Cover?

Getting a car is not just “another expense;” it is an investment requiring serious consideration and careful planning. Many people decide to get a previously owned vehicle or used car. As part of their car-buying process, they may ask what kind of warranty will they get after buying a used vehicle in NJ. Moreover, they may ask themselves what that warranty should cover.

There is an undeniable reality when it comes to pre-owned cars. Due to the nature of these vehicles, most dealerships offer either extremely limited or no warranty after your purchase. To offset the lack of a guarantee, you may get special discounts on services such as oil changes, inspections, and other services. You should always aim for a used car dealership that can provide you with a comprehensive warranty. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing you got a high-quality vehicle covered by a warranty.

At Apollo Preowned Auto, we provide an excellent warranty that is tied to each vehicle in our dealership. No matter which vehicle you choose, you will obtain our warranty. Every car has what we call our 3K3 comprehensive warranty. Through it, your vehicle has a three-month, 3k-mile coverage. This coverage will take care of any performance issues within your car. However, our warranty won’t cover damages suffered as a consequence of an accident or negligence.

In the highly-competitive used cars business, few dealerships offer comprehensive warranties on their vehicles. However, Apollo Preowned Auto makes sure to give every customer the chance to have an excellent warranty that protects their new car and peace of mind.

Is a 3-Month, 3K-Mile Warranty Enough to Cover My Car?

This is a question many people may have when deciding to buy a pre-owned vehicle. Many times, this question may stem from the generalized misconceptions many people have over pre-owned cars. There is a chance you may have heard people saying things like, “Buying a pre-owned car is the worst investment you can possibly make,” or, “You have no idea what this car has gone through in the hands of its previous owner,” or even, “When you buy a used car, you buy a money pit.”

These and other generalized fears belong in fantasy books. In reality, pre-owned vehicles sold in used car dealerships are more reliable than people imagine. Every used vehicle that arrives at a pre-owned auto dealership must meet specific requirements before they can be put up for sale. After all, no auto dealership can sell unsafe, unreliable cars to its customers. Therefore, pre-owned vehicles can prove to be reliable, in many cases lasting years without significant problems.

Many people may think 3,000 miles and three months of warranty are not enough to justify a purchase. Brand new vehicles with zero miles under their hoods – which are more expensive and have never been driven before – tend to have better coverage in terms of warranty because they represent a more significant investment for the buyer and because existing regulations enable the well-known full coverage.

Pre-owned auto dealerships have to consider different factors when deciding to award a warranty on their cars. First, they need to consider the depreciation of the vehicle, plus the life of the vehicle and its mileage. These considerations may play a significant role in how a warranty is awarded. Keep in mind that new cars will get better warranties due to their pristine condition. This does not mean you will be without coverage if something goes wrong with your car. Keep in mind that before a vehicle hits the lot, it needs a full inspection to make sure it is safe to sell and operate.

The New Jersey Preowned Auto Dealership Offering Comprehensive Warranties

At Apollo Preowned Auto, we understand the importance of having a warranty to protect your purchase. That is why we offer our comprehensive 3K3 warranty to help you protect your investment. For more than two decades, we have dedicated our efforts to providing nothing but high-quality vehicles at competitive, fair prices. We have a wide range of cars, both foreign and domestic, from the hottest brands on the market. Come visit us and learn why Apollo Preowned Auto is the one-stop-shop for all your car needs. To learn more about our auto services and how we can help you get the car you want and deserve, call our offices today at (856) 347-5445.

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